Rendering Legal Services to Foreign Businesses in Russia

LLC “Legal Service” (LS) provides a package of legal services (LS2FB) to foreign clients who enter the Russian market, offering professional solutions on legal issues, including tax law and intellectual property law, as well as GR.

The key advantage of LS2FB services is comprehensive legal support of a foreign business in Russia, including the full range of consulting services and project implementation in close cooperation and interaction with the specialists from LS.

The main objectives of LS2FB services are as follows:
— to update the activities of a foreign business in accordance with present-day realities of business operations in Russia;
— to reduce costs and minimize the financial risks of a foreign business with the help of professionals, who have a thorough understanding of Russian legislation, and who are capable of properly applying the provisions of Russian law, including those in the field of taxation, and to resolve the disputes taken to court as smoothly as possible.

The LS2FB package includes:
— selection of the form of a foreign company’s legal presence in Russia;
— support by establishing legal presence in the Russian Federation (a legal entity, a branch, or a representative office);
— security and protection of intellectual property, including trademark registration;
— development of regulations and standards, preparation of corporate and other documents;
— development of contractual structures with business partners, including working out the required agreements;
— development of employment contracts, including those to be concluded with top managers;
— legal support of investment activity of a foreign company in Russia;
— full legal support of the activities, including tax and customs consultancy, legal representation, as well as GR.

PS: In accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation, all paperwork, including communication with LS, is to be managed in the Russian language.

Our services may be of interest not only to your organization, but also to your clients or partners, who might be seeking qualified legal support for their business within the territory of the Russian Federation.

We will be happy to give you legal advice on any current issues.